14 must-see exhibitions to see at the Nocturnes in April

The Nocturnes are back! Every Thursday evening between 22 April and 10 June, Discover the Brussels museums in a new light. This year, it’s a little bit different: with standing guides, behind the scenes and activities in limited groups – so don’t forget to book your place in time!


Schaerbeek / St-Josse / Brussels area

KANAL – It Never Ends (John Armleder)

The Swiss artist John Armleder was given carte blanche in the iconic Citroën garage along the canal. Site-specific installations dialogue with concerts and performances – all the ingredients for an eventful evening!

BELEXPO – The Exhibition on Climate and the Cities of Tomorrow

What does a city like Brussels need to keep breathing in the face of today’s climate change? BELEXPO invites the generation of tomorrow to think about this in a playful way.

BOTANIQUE – Sarcophagi – Radioactive Waste (Cécile Massart)

With the disposal sites for radioactive waste at the center of this photo exhibition, Belgian artist Cécile Massart also asks challenging questions about the world of tomorrow.

Spontaneous Art Museum

Feel like pushing your boundaries? Immerse yourself in the expressive and intuitive world of the spontaneous art.

Autrique House – Comès behind closed doors

An introduction to the comic book ‘EVA’ by cartoonist Didier Comès in one of Horta’s architectural Art Nouveau gems – that seems like two for the price of one.

Schaerbeek Beer Museum

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the brewing process of the Belgian product par excellence: beer. As simple as that!

La Maison des Arts – Fil

Nine artists engage in a dialogue with the Maison des Arts‘ fabric decor. The common thread in each of the interventions is, indeed, the thread, yet the results are surprisingly diverse.

BONUS: ARGOS – Activating Captions

Writing the perfect caption to a video or photo – it’s an art in itself. The artists in ARGOS play with the possibilities and shortcomings of captioning in our world where audiovisual communication is more central than ever. Critical, poetic and humorous: discover their work on the facade of ARGOS.

Canal / Brussels Centre Area


La Fonderie – Derrière le hublot. La lessive d’hier à demain


Washing your clothes, special? Yes, it is! At La Fonderie, discover how this seemingly simple household task reveals social evolutions.



There is no single story of migration in Brussels, the MigratieMuseumMigration takes a multi-voiced approach with many stories. Especially for the Nocturnes, extra layers are added: the museum’s garden acts as a stage for one evening.

MIMA – Verisimilitude (Félix Luque Sánchez in collaboration with Damien Gernay & Iñigo Bilbao Lopategu)

Félix Luque Sánchez collaborated with Damien Gernay and Iñigo Bilbao Lopategui for this exhibition that questions and challenges the relationship between humans and technology. His installations mix fact with fiction, sketching a dark world in which the machine is central.

Halles St-Géry – Victor Bourgeois / Palimpsest / Akkasie: 10 photographic actions

One location, three exhibitions: between architecture and photography. Victor Bourgeois highlights the Brussels architect of the same name; Palimpsest – with photos by Philippe Braquennier – makes us reflect on the preservation of heritage; Akkasie: 10 Photographic Actions takes a critical look at the gigantic amount of images we preserve for the future.



This municipal museum, which is also an open house for dialogue, focuses on the history of Molenbeek. Can’t get enough of this part of Brussels? A city walk will take you to the sculpture De Vaartkapoen. Funny pictures guaranteed!

CENTRALE for contemporary art – BXL UNIVERSEL II multipli.city

For its fifteenth anniversary, the CENTRALE pays tribute to Brussels in all its diversity. From the interventions of both artists and citizen initiatives comes a unique contemporary portrait.

The Nocturnes continue in May and June! Check out our full program.