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How much does the Nocturnes cost? 

A single admission to one of the museums each Thursday evening costs 5€ (standard) or 2,5€ (-26 years old). Admission is free for children under 13 (no reservation necessary) except for the Children’s Museum and Foundation A, which have a program tailored to them.

Some museums are also free for all this year. See the complete program for more information.

Are the Nocturnes accessible with the museumPASS museums, Brussels Card or teachers card? 

No, due to the exceptional nature of the event, the museumPASSmusées, Brussels Card or Prof card are not valid.

Do I have to book my visits? 

For most museums, reservations are required for activities organized with a specific time slot (guides, behind the scenes, workshops, extra-muros). For standard exhibition visits, reservations are recommended, but you can also buy your ticket on the evening of the Nocturne, at the museum entrance.

See the complete program for all the info.

What is the standard visit ticket 17:00-22:00?

This is the ticket that entitles you to a visit to the exhibition(s) during the evening, between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm, with the last access to the museum generally at 9:00 pm.

When do the Nocturnes take place? 

Every Thursday evening from 5 to 10 pm from April 21 to June 9 in a series of different museums (usually located in the same district of Brussels).

How to get to the museums?
the museums are accessible by public transport (STIB, DE LIJN, TEC, SNCB), by car, by bicycle and by scooter (discount on VOI scooters – NOCTURNES : code valid for new users only and including 4 trips of 10 minutes)

I am 26 years old. Can I benefit from the reduced rate? 

No. The reduced rate only applies to people up to and including 25 years of age.

I am a student. Can I get a reduced rate? 

If you are under 26, yes 🙂

What can I visit in the museums? 

The complete program details all the activities planned. You can either participate in one or more specific activities (guides, behind the scenes, workshops, extra-muros) or enjoy a standard visit at your own pace.

If you have problems ordering tickets online, please contact us on 02 512 77 80 or

If you would like to book a Nocturne with an Article 27 ticket, please contact us on 02 512 77 80 or


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