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copyright : Sabrina Ambre Biller

copyright : Sabrina Ambre Biller

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Erasmus House & the Beguinage of Anderlecht


Erasmus House & the Beguinage of Anderlecht


M 1 - 5 / T 81 / B 49 / T 3

Capacity: 75 persons per hour

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EXPO Make haste slowly – FAste (Caroline Andrin et Étienne Fleury)

GUIDES Presentation of the exhibition by the artist Caroline Andrin

BEHIND THE SCENES visit the Documentation Centre and the precious reserve of the Erasmushouse

EXTRA-MUROS Visit the ceramic workshop of the Academie Beeldende & Audiovisuele Kunsten Anderlecht 



The Erasmus House, one of the oldest in Brussels, invites you to ttimetravel! First of all, dive into the XVIth century, discovering the premises, the period furniture and the collections of books of the famous thinker. Then return to the present with an original reinterpretation of Erasmus’ Adages in sculptural form. Entitled Make haste slowly  – in reference to one of the 4151 adages – the exhibition unveils a series of ceramic works almost all created for the occasion.

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GUIDES Caroline Andrin, member of the FAste duo, will guide you through the works created with Étienne Fleury especially for the exhibition. She will explain their approach, the techniques, the artistic interpretation of the texts… All questions are welcome!

→ 19:30 (FR) – Limited places, come 15 min in advance.

BEHIND THE SCENES Anne Deckers, scientific collaborator of the House of Erasmus, will open the doors of the Documentation Centre and the precious reserve. Here you can admire the 16th-century editions of Erasmus’ Adages, which are at the heart of the temporary exhibition Make haste slowly  – FAste (Caroline Andrin and Étienne Fleury).

→ 19:00 (FR) – Limited places, come 15 min in advance.

EXTRA-MUROS The ceramics workshop is the largest workshop of the Anderlecht Academy for Fine Arts. Some of the 120 students and their teachers will welcome you to explain the ceramic techniques and firings, including in a kiln so huge you can stand upright!

→ 6pm (FR/NL)  entrance to the Academy (17 Place de la Vaillance – 1070 Anderlecht)

PERFORMANCE A sung and danced dialogue with the museum and its gardens by the duo Joanne Saunier and Éléonore Lemaire from Ballets confidentiels. Voices and bodies wander and question the influence of our own vibrations on nature, art and words.

→ 20:00 (FR) / 20:30 (FR) – Limited places, come 15 min in advance.