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M 2,6 / T 51,82 / B 46 / VOI Scooters - promo code : NOCTURNES (extra info FAQ)

Not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


EXPO – Permanent exhibition 

GUIDE – Standing guides (FR, NL)

BEHIND THE SCENES – Agents 7.5 in training

EXTRA-MUROS – Guided tour



Get ready to explore an underground world! Thanks to an audio guide where you are the hero of the story, spend an evening training as a sewer worker with the 7.5 agents at the Sewer Museum. Let yourself be guided by this comical duo whose anecdotes are sure to convey a passion for the job. Are you curious about the state of the river Senne? Take part in the water analysis and measure a few essential indicators for the development of aquatic life in a comparison with the SmartWater robot.

EXTRA-MUROS: With a guide, go behind the scenes of the water professions in Brussels in a sound-walk linking La Fonderie and the Sewer Museum. Echoing the exhibition “Oh ! Ça ne coule pas de source,” set off in search of the bronze bollards and discover this digital route in the heart of the city. A co-creation of La Fonderie, Fabla’bke, Amorce asbl and the Sewer Museum.

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