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Nocturne 26.05


Every Thursday evening from 21 April to 9 June, the Nocturnes will open your eyes to the treasures waiting for you in Brussels’ museums and art centres.

From 5pm to 10pm, thanks to original guided tours, behind the scenes visits, access to the museum reserves and tailor-made workshops, you’ll see collections and current exhibitions through new eyes at 63 unusual places. Organized by neighbourhood, the Nocturnes in museums are supplemented by extra-muros tours, so you can explore the city even further.

Would you prefer a standard visit? That’s possible too, either by booking in advance or the evening of the event at the entrance. All we want is to offer you a relaxed and uncomplicated cultural outing. So, we’re providing all options at the same advantageous rate of 5 € (standard), or 2,50 € (-26 years) per museum.




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