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Jewish Museum of Belgium

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EXPO Passage. Textiles & Rituals 

GUIDED TOUR Passage. Textiles & Rituals

PERFORMANCE Misafirperver de Hilal Aydoğdu




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EXPO Before it closes its doors for renovation at the end of 2024, discover the new exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Belgium. The expo is a reflection on the idea of transformation. In what ways does the spiritual merge with the secular and how do rituals intertwine with everyday life? Through three sections, the expo immerses visitors in the world of Charlemagne Palestine, creates a dialogue around textiles and finally questions the resurgence of beliefs and rituals through various performances.

GUIDED TOUR Discover all the highlights of the temporary exhibition together with a guide.

Booking required :

  • NL – 18.30 – booking via this link.

  • FR – 18.00 – booking via this link.

PERFORMANCE Misafirperverlik means “hospitality” in Turkish. The term has Arabic roots: “musafir”, “safar”, which also means “hunger” and “he or she who goes on an expedition, who goes far”. And Persian roots: “parvar”, meaning “to feed, to bring up, to educate”. Misafirperver therefore means “he or she who feeds his or her guest”. The performance consists of two parts: “the preparation” and “the meal”. Hilal Aydoğdu questions the place of women in a man’s world. She proposes to apprehend the devices that work to establish a deleterious hegemony – that of patriarchy – mainly through culture, by exploring the morbid lexicon of the values and injunctions it conveys: honor, virginity, obedience.

booking required – 18.00 book via this link.