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© Barbara Brauns

© Barbara Brauns

© Barbara Brauns

ULB – Physics experimentarium

ULB – Chemistry experimentarium (SOLD OUT)

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Charlier Museum

Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain

MAF – Fantastic Art Museum

Brotherhood of Parachutist Agents 1940-45

Fondation CAB

ULB – Museum of pharmacy and medicinal plants

Brotherhood of Parachutist Agents 1940-45

Rue du Châtelain 46
1050 Ixelles

STIB TRAM 8 - 81 - 92 - 93 - 97 / BUS 54

This museum is only accessible with a reservation.
No autonomous visits allowed.

Free museum

EXPO Belgian secret agents parachuted in 1940-45

GUIDED TOUR Guided visit and exercise in a transmission in Morse code



If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.

EXPO Discover the story of the three hundred Belgian secret agents trained and parachuted by the English into Nazi-occupied Belgium between 1940 and 1944 : their motivations, training, missions, actions and their destiny.

GUIDED TOUR Always been curious about secret messages? Dare to send a vital message via secret code to your allies? Then take part in the guided visit and the initiation of message transmission in Morse code, offered by the Brotherhood of Agents Parachutists 1940-45. Who knows, you might become the hero of the evening!

Booking mandatory  :

  • FR : 17.00 / 19.00 / 21.00 – booking via this link

  • EN : 18.00 / 20.00 – réservation via this link