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ULB – Physics experimentarium

ULB – Chemistry experimentarium

Maison Hannon

Charlier Museum

Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain

MAF – Fantastic Art Museum

Brotherhood of Parachutist Agents 1940-45

Fondation CAB

ULB – Museum of pharmacy and medicinal plants

ULB – Physics experimentarium

Campus de la Plaine - Magenta district - Forum building
1050 Ixelles


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EXPO Sound & Light

GUIDED TOUR Discover the Physics experimentarium

GUIDED TOUR  of the exhibition Sound & Light by the Maison Hannon



If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.



In the middle of the vast and green campus of the ULB lies the Physics Experimentarium. Among the many students, you will also find the Chemistry Experimentarium and the Museum of Medicinal plants and Pharmacy. Here you can learn all about the forces of nature! The Alumni House (UAE), located on the ULB campus between the 3 museums, is also the place to go for a little rest and enjoy a drink.

EXPO Explore the mysteries of sound and light through historical and original experiments, and marvel at the everyday working forces.

GUIDED TOUR The Experimentarium brings together and presents a vast collection of demonstrative experiments illustrating all areas of physics. Accompanied by a guide, visitors can explore the major themes of physics: mechanics, electrostatics, electromagnetism, waves, optics… without mathematical formalism or equations, and often a touch of playfulness.

booking mandatory: visit in EN at 20.00 – booking via this link. 

 GUIDED TOUR The Physics Experimentarium lends their material and knowledge to the Maison Hannon to understand the intrinsic relationship between the natural phenomenon of light and the art and architecture of the Art Nouveau. Look at the splendour of Art Nouveau at Maison Hannon through a scientific lens.