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Insitute for Natural Sciences


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EXPO Giants

BEHIND THE SCENE The mysteries of the Institute – SOLD OUT in EN / FR – available tickets in NL

GUIDED TOUR Discover the giants of our Earth!

WORKSHOP Mindgame!

CONCERT Fanfare Boentje



If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.

Meet the famous Bernissart Iguanodons in the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe, learn about the human body in the Gallery of Humankind and go back in time in the Gallery of Evolution. You can also find out about urban species in BiodiverCITY, discover specimens that illustrate the history of the Institute of Natural Sciences and admire the magnificent crystals in the Mineral Hall. At the Gallery of the Living Planet, be amazed by the variety of species swarming our earth.

EXPO A journey through time to meet 11 gigantic animals that lived after the dinosaurs. An ENORMOUS chance to feel small as can be next to these live-sized giants!

BEHIND THE SCENE Curious about what lies behind the Museum’s closed doors? On this tour, we open these doors especially for you. You will walk through various work rooms, take a look at the scientists’ offices and enter some unique storage rooms with hundreds of specimens. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to go behind the scenes!

Booking mandatory :

  • NL : 18.00 – booking via this link.

  • FR : 17.00 / 19.00 – booking via this link (SOLD OUT)

  • EN : 20.00 – booking via this link (SOLD OUT)

GUIDED TOUR Travel back in time with our guides as they take you on a breathtaking voyage of discovery through the most enormous giants in Earth’s history. Admire the famous iguanodons of Bernissart, and also stars such as Stegosaurus, Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus. Not afraid from the saber-toothed tiger or the Megalodon? Then the guide will take you on a tour among these wondrous animals.

Booking mandatory :

  • NL : 17.15 / 20.15 – booking via this link.

  • FR : 17.15 / 18.15 / 20.15 / 21.15 – booking via this link.

  • EN : 18.15 / 21.15 – booking via this link.

WORKSHOP Are you a fan of board games? And natural sciences? Explore biodiversity, evolution and prehistory through a selection of captivating board games. A fun experience that awakens curiosity and enriches knowledge!

CONCERT Fanfare Boentje is a group of peïs and meïs from Brussels and beyond, playing music that’s as eclectic as it is committed, and as full of joie de vivre as it is exotic. A brass band journey to everywhere without leaving home.

Subject to change: the doors of the Museum terrace are exceptionally opened to you. Within this enchanting setting overlooking the Museum garden, located in the Leopold Park in the heart of Brussels, you can enjoy a divine aperitif.