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1.     GENERAL

Thank you for visiting This website is a product of Brussels Museums asbl/vzw, which is registered under the company number 0457.816.640 at Galerie du Roi 15, 1000 Brussels.

Anyone who uses our website accepts the following Terms of Use. If you do not agree with one or more provisions, we kindly ask you to leave the website and contact us at to discuss your concerns.


The conditions below apply to the website. Specific Terms of Sale and a Privacy Policy apply to the sale of tickets.


Reservations are required for some activities and visits to museums. If you wish to make a reservation, you give your consent to Brussels Museums to process your personal data. Brussels Museums will use this personal data exclusively for services in the context of Nocturnes 2024. The Privacy Policy applies here.


You agree to use our services in a careful and reasonable manner. Therefore, we do not accept that the Website is used improperly, for example to spread viruses or malware, perform vulnerability tests or publish illegal or inappropriate content.


All text and images on are protected by intellectual rights belonging to Brussels Museums asbl/vzw or third parties. This provision also applies to the content and structure of the underlying database and all other components of the Website. Without prior written consent, it is prohibited to store, reproduce, modify, publish, (for free or otherwise) distribute or transmit information from the website in a way that violates intellectual property rights.

If Brussels Museums asbl/vzw has given you written permission to reuse information from the Website, then you must always include Brussels Museums asbl/vzw or the agreed reference(s) in an acknowledgement of sources. When the right to reuse is granted, you will receive an overview of all specifications that need to be complied with.


Brussels Museums asbl/vzw cannot guarantee the correctness of the information on the Website. Insofar as the law allows, Brussels Museums asbl/vzw cannot therefore be held responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage resulting from the use of the Website. This provision also applies to damages such as loss of profit, loss of income, interruption of activities, loss or corruption of data, moral prejudice, reputational damage, damage caused by frustration or the loss of opportunity. Any liability for damages not excluded by these Terms of Use is limited to compensation for a financial loss that is actually suffered and duly proven.

7.     CHANGES

Brussels Museums asbl/vzw may change these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notification to the user. Please therefore always check that you have read and agreed to the latest version of the Terms of Use.

8.     CONTACT

If you have any questions or comments about these Terms of Use, you can always contact us at


The use of the Website is governed by Belgian law. Insofar as the law allows, the courts and tribunals of Brussels always have jurisdiction in legal disputes.

Terms of Use version published on 12/03/2024.

Nocturnes Terms of Sale

These Nocturnes Terms of Sale (hereafter referred to as “Terms of Sale”) regulate the purchase of Nocturnes tickets via each Brussels Museums asbl/vzw sales channel (including partners such as visit brussels, in a museum and online) and for each product type (digital or physical).

1. Acceptance and validity

The customer must read and accept the Nocturnes Terms of Sale before purchasing a Nocturnes ticket at a museum, via or via other Brussels Museums or partner sales channels. During every online order, the buyer is asked to expressly confirm that they accept these Terms of Sale.

For physical purchases of Nocturnes tickets, the current Terms of Sale can be consulted at any time on-site and on request.

By making this purchase, the buyer is deemed to have accepted these Terms of Sale as well as the privacy policy. The current version of each of these documents can be consulted at any time via

2. Identification

The Nocturnes is a product of Brussels Museums asbl/vzw, which is registered under the company number 0457.816.640 at Galerie du Roi 15, 1000 Brussels. Together with all participating museums, at Brussels Museums asbl/vzw we do everything we can to make your museum visit a success.

3. Product information and prices

All our prices are in euros and include VAT. We pay the utmost attention to the correct listing of our prices and other information related to our products and services. Product colours shown may vary. If we suspect that the order contains errors, or if ambiguities arise, we reserve the right, for everyone’s benefit, not to deliver the ordered items immediately or not to give immediate access to the services. In this event, we will first contact you and advise you to place an order that is free of errors and ambiguities.

4. Product offering

Despite the fact that both the website and the information provided to and by the museum or other sales channels have been compiled with great care, it is still possible that the information provided is incomplete, contains material errors or is not up to date. Obvious mistakes or errors in the product offering are not binding for Brussels Museums asbl/vzw. Regarding the correctness and completeness of the information provided, Brussels Museums asbl/vzw is solely bound by an obligation of means. Brussels Museums asbl/vzw is in no way responsible for any obvious material errors, typographical or printing errors.

If you have specific questions, please first ask the museum’s front desk employee or send your questions to

The product offering is valid as long as stocks last and can be adjusted or withdrawn at any time by Brussels Museums asbl/vzw. Brussels Museums asbl/vzw cannot be held responsible for the unavailability of a product. If a product offering has a limited period of validity or is subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the product offering.

Buying for speculative purposes is not allowed.

5. Communication and advice

Nocturnes tickets are sold at participating museums, electronically via the website or via other sales channels. In doing so, you authorise Brussels Museums asbl/vzw to communicate with you electronically. Brussels Museums asbl/vzw may send you emails and other communications about your order via the internet and by post. In the event of a dispute, you agree not to challenge the probative value of any electronic orders, communications, messages or notifications under this agreement.

In accordance with our privacy policy, you can edit your communication preferences at any time or indicate that you no longer wish to receive certain messages.

To increase the quality of our services, you can ask us for advice prior to making a purchase. We will advise you as soon as possible about the most suitable products and their application or answer your other questions.

6. Confirmation after online order

If your email address has been entered correctly, you will receive an email confirmation after placing your online order. This clearly indicates what you have ordered. If this is not the case, please contact us at

7. Payment

To complete the purchase, you will pay immediately when placing your order (at the museum or during your purchase via or other sales channels). You can choose from various online payment options, including payment with debit and credit card.

8. Delivery times, validity and stock

After purchasing a digital product, that product will be immediately available to you and can be consulted via an app, another digital application or as a download.

9. Provision

Digital products are available immediately after purchase. In the case of physical purchases, the Nocturnes tickets will be provided to you on site. Purchased products are not sent by post.

10. Force majeure

Brussels Museums asbl/vzw, participating museums and other service providers (such as transport companies) cannot be held responsible for all possible cases of force majeure that occur beyond their will and control and that make it impossible to perform their normal obligations towards their customers.

11. Service, after-sales service and complaints

Together with the participating museums and other service providers (such as transport companies), Brussels Museums asbl/vzw does its utmost to enable you to visit the museums.

If you have any complaints or questions, you can always contact us via the contact details under provision 2: Identification. We will always try to help you as quickly as possible.

12. Returns and exchanges

If you buy a digital product via the internet, your purchase cannot be revoked. Your Nocturnes tickets will be immediately delivered to you electronically and cannot be returned.

For physical purchases, too, your Nocturnes tickets are non-refundable, even if they have not yet been used.

13. Penalties for non- or late payment

Without prejudice to the exercise of other rights that Brussels Museums asbl/vzw has, in the event of non- or late payment, the customer owes interest of 12% per year on the unpaid amount from the date of the default, by operation of law and without notice. In addition, the customer owes a fixed compensation of 10% on the amount in question, with a minimum of 25 euros per invoice, by operation of law and without notice.

Notwithstanding the above, Brussels Museums asbl/vzw reserves the right to take back the items that have not been paid for (in full).

Brussels Museums asbl/vzw remains the owner of the goods until the order has been paid in full and accepted by the customer.

14. Customer services

Brussels Museums asbl/vzw customer services can be reached during office hours via the contact details under provision 2: Identification. Any complaints can be directed here.

15. Violation of validity – non-waiver

If any provision of these Terms of Sale is declared invalid, illegal or void, this will not in any way affect the validity, legality and applicability of the other provisions.

Failure at any time by Brussels Museums asbl/vzw to enforce any of the rights listed in these Terms of Sale, or to exercise any right thereof, will never be considered a waiver of such provision and will never affect the validity of these rights.

16. Changes to the Terms of Sale

These Nocturnes Terms of Sale may be amended by Brussels Museums asbl/vzw. In case of any changes, the new version of the user agreement will go into effect from thirty days after the date of publication. All notifications about possible changes and the publication of the amended Terms of Sale occur via

17. Evidence

The customer accepts that electronic communications and back-ups can serve as evidence.

18. Applicable law – Disputes

Belgian law applies, with the exception of the provisions of private international law regarding applicable law.

Insofar as the law allows, the courts of Brussels have sole jurisdiction in legal disputes. The consumer can also turn to the ODR platform.

Terms of Sale version published on 14/02/2023.


General Privacy policy

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