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Planetarium of Brussels


M 6 / T 7 - 51 - 93 / B 14 - 83

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BEHIND THE SCENES Meet an astronomer + film 360° « Secret Lives of Stars »

Come and discover the wonders of the starry sky projected on a 360° screen 23 m in diameter. At the Planetarium, you can watch a rocket launch, visit the International Space Station, fly over the surface of Mars and get up close to the rings of Saturn! And why stop there? Will you dare to go beyond the limits of the Milky Way? Will you be tempted to explore the farthest reaches of the Universe?

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BEHIND THE SCENES Watch the 360° film “Secret Lives of Stars”: not all stars are created equal: some are massive, others are tiny. We will witness the amazing variety of stars and peer into their secret lives. Then ask your questions to an astronomer from the Royal Observatory of Belgium who will explain how the observation missions on the astronomical telescopes around the world are carried out.

→ 19:00 / 20:30 (NL,FR,EN) – +/- 150 places available per session, come 15 min in advance.

It is not possible to visit the planetarium outside of the two film projections.