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Museum of the National Bank of Belgium

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Museum of the National Bank of Belgium

Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères, 57
1000 Brussels

STIB METRO 1 - 5 (Centraal Station) / TRAM 92 - 93 (Congres) / BUS 29 - 71 - 89 (Arenberg)

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EXPO  Unravel the mysteries of money

BEHIND THE SCENE  Discovering the secret room in the museum!



If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.

The museum of the National Bank of Belgium is housed in a stately building in the heart of Brussels. Here you will discover the interesting history of money, and get a unique glimpse into a hidden side of the museum.

EXPO Discover the history of means of payment and explore the role of central banks in an interactive visit suited to all ages.

BEHIND THE SCENE When it was built in 1872, the majestic building must have had no idea that it would one day be a museum. Come and discover the history of the building and exclusive pieces from the reserves, all in a very special place…

Booking required :

  • EN : 18.50 / 20.05 – booking via this link.

  • FR : 17.10 / 18.25 / 19.40 / 20.30 / 21.20 – booking via this link.

  • NL : 17.35 / 18.00 / 19.15 / 20.55 – booking via this link.