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ULB – Physics experimentarium

ULB – Chemistry experimentarium (SOLD OUT)

Maison Hannon (SOLD OUT)

Charlier Museum

Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain

MAF – Fantastic Art Museum

Brotherhood of Parachutist Agents 1940-45

Fondation CAB

ULB – Museum of pharmacy and medicinal plants

MAF – Fantastic Art Museum

7 Rue Américaine
1060 Saint-Gilles

EXPO Fanciful biocenosis



The Fantastic Art Museum offers a vast cabinet of curiosities, with works from all horizons and from all corners of the world, all linked to the fantastic, the strange and the endless imagination.

EXPO Daub-o-graphic, creator of several fantastic experiments and imaginative drawings, will propose you its collago-digital chimaeras scattered within the collection of the Fantastic Art Museum.