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Museum of Medicine

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Museum of Medicine

Lenniksebaan 808
1070 Anderlecht

EXPO Sport, History, Health

GUIDED TOUR the importance of electricity for medicine



If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.

An institution created in 1995, this museum bridges the gap between medicine and art. It offers visitors archaeological objects, works of art as well as ancient medical tools and instruments which illustrate the long evolution of the Art of healing through time and space.  The museum also houses multiple anatomical waxworks, which illustrate the most diverse diseases. An entire room dedicated to venereal diseases is reserved for an informed public!

EXPO Physical activity is an inherent part of human life. Nevertheless, the concept of “sport”, like that of “practising sport is good for your health”, is relatively recent. Even in Antiquity, exercise was often prescribed to keep the body balanced and counteract excesses. The Roman doctor Galen, for instance, already saw “gymnastics” as a cure for diseases. In 1894, Pierre de Coubertin organised the modern Olympic Games and “sport” broke through completely. Sport, History, Health shows about a hundred statuettes of sportsmen and -women, and a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals discusses these statuettes in their historical and current medical context.

GUIDED TOUR  In company of the guide, discover the importance of electricity in the history of medicine, starting with lighting and the improvement of techniques. This guided visit attempts to demonstrate that without the control of electricity our scientific medicine would be closer to that of the Middle Ages than to that which we know today.

Guided visit in FR at 17:00 – booking via this link

Guided visit NL at 20:00 – booking via this link