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Museum of Medicine

La Fonderie – Brussels Museum of Industry and Work

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La Fonderie – Brussels Museum of Industry and Work

27 Rue Ransfort
1080 Molenbeek Saint-Jean

M 1 - 5 / T 51 - 82 / B 89

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EXPO Made in Brussels

GUIDED TOUR Standing Guides

WORKSHOP Recovery of textile -upcycling embroidery workshop



If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.

EXPO The collection of La Fonderie, the Brussels Museum of Industry and Work, is housed in an old industrial hall. Through machines, tools and objects in four sections – wood, metal, textiles and food – it tells the story of the main industries in Brussels. The museum offers a unique insight into the socio-economic development of the city, as well as technological inventions and the context of Brussels daily life, from the industrial revolution in the 19th century to the present day.

GUIDED TOUR ‘Standing Guides’ explain more about the rich museum collection.

WORKSHOP Join the textile revolution in this upcycling embroidery workshop, led by Luisa Iaranjo and Harold Henckaerts, where creativity and learning a few embroidery techniques are intertwined with the sustainability and uniqueness of recycled materials. Each stitch contributes to the reuse and renewal of the fabric. Each material brings surprises. Craft and environmental awareness merge joyfully, transforming discarded materials into embroidered treasures. You can bring your own fabrics or clothes to upcycle!