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©Alexandre Obolensky


Autrique House

La Fonderie – Brussels Museum of Industry and Work

MIMA – The Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art

Sewer Museum

Maurice Carême Museum

La Fonderie – Brussels Museum of Industry and Work

27 Rue Ransfort
1080 Molenbeek Saint-Jean

M 1 - 5 / T 51 - 82 / B 89

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EXPO Alexandre Obolensky’s canal

GUIDES / PERFORMANCE  Unexpected encounters along the canal

WORKSHOP  Painting the canal

EXTRA-MUROS  Oh ça ne coule pas de source! (Sewermuseum > la Fonderie) 

The Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour hosts the works of Belgian painter Alexandre Obolensky and invites us on an immersive walk to (re)discover the Brussels canal. Listen to the stories of the women on the banks and add a few touches of paint to this landscape. An evening to take time to stroll, contemplate and dream.

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GUIDES / PERFORMANCE  They are women of the banks, daughters of the stream.  They stand at the edge of the paintings as at the edge of the water. They sing and whisper in the ears of anyone who will listen. Will you come across their wakes? Performances by and about Julie Renson (storytelling) and Colienne Vancraen (singing).

→ Ongoing

WORKSHOP – Get on an imaginary bicycle and let yourself be carried away by the images of the canal as seen by Obolensky. Draw your part of the scenery on a grid, then transfer it, this time in large format, to the studio.

→ Ongoing

EXTRA-MUROS Guided tour from the Sewer museum to La Fonderie. 

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