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La Monnaie

Géopolis – Center for Photojournalism

MEM – Museum of Erotics and Mythology

Wittockiana – Museum of Book Arts and Bookbinding

ARTE-FAC – Paul Moens medicinal plant garden

Jewish Museum of Belgium

MEM – Museum of Erotics and Mythology

Rue Saint-Anne 32

M 1 - 5 / B 33 - 48 - 95 / T 92 - 93

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GUIDES Standing guides

LECTURE Reading-show of erotic texts



Alongside its rich collection of erotic art from Antiquity to the present day, the Museum of Eroticism and Mythology welcomes the drawings and paintings of the Brussels artist PASCALINE. During this evening the artist, who is also an actress, will recite her erotic poems for the visitors.

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GUIDES Ask your questions to the guides present in the museum. 

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PERFORMANCE In resonance with her drawings and paintings, PASCALINE will celebrate Love through the words of desire and voluptuousness.

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