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Fondation Brel

Brussels City Museum

Choco-Story Brussels

Choco-Story Brussels


M 1 - 5 / T3 - 4 / B 29 - 33 - 38 - 48 - 95

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GUIDES Sweet Secrets

EXTRA-MUROS Lace,  tapestry and chocolate : An artisanal work (Fashion & Lace Museum > Choco-Story)

Choco-Story is a meeting place for gourmets and enthusiasts to discover the history of chocolate, from the harvesting of cocoa to the making of chocolates. Historical anecdotes, demonstrations and, of course, praline tasting are all part of the programme! 

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GUIDE Chocolate lovers will tell you their secrets about the history of the Brown Gold from the Mayans to the present day. 

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EXTRA-MUROS From the Fashion & Lace Museum, this guided tour takes you to Choco-Story where you are offered a praline. Passionate guides show you the various chocolate, lace and carpet shops en route. What is the link with the old crafts of yesterday and can we actually talk about handmade in Belgium?

→ 17:30 (FR) / 18:30 (NL) / 19:30 (EN) / 20:30 (FR) – Reservations via the Fashion & Lace Museum page.