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Coudenberg Palace


Expo Josef Hoffmann -Art & History Museum

MEM – Museum of Erotics and Mythology

Brussels City Museum

Choco Story Brussels

Jewish Museum of Belgium

Brussels City Museum


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EXPO Let’s play!

GUIDED TOUR Standing guides 

BEHIND THE SCENE Let’s play! presentation by the scientific staff

PERFORMANCE Voix de Voyageurs

EXTRA MUROS  Bruskwer, giant board game




If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.


Located on the most beautiful place in the world, the Brussels City Museum invites you to discover the tumultuous and thrilling history of Brussels. Masterpieces of painting and sculpture, a scale model illustrating the city in the 13th century, exceptional tapestries …, all Made in Brussels of course! On the top floor, the Grand-Place is told through unique works such as the original weather vane of St. Michael. And it is also at the Brussels City Museum that you can admire the real statue of Manneken-Pis!

EXPO Games are everywhere. They are linked to leisure and fun. Everyone participated in these relaxing activities, including Brussels residents. Let’s Play! shows the fascinating history of games from the end of the 19th century to the present day. Card games, board games, gaming tables, miniature toys for children, and much more. Apart from these game objects, you can also admire various paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings. And  play the giant board game Bruskwer yourself! Have fun playing!

GUIDED TOUR Guides will tell you all about the rich history of Brussels, the main theme of the Brussels City Museum.

BEHIND THE SCENE The museum staff invites you to join them to discover the temporary exhibition.

PERFORMANCE “Voix de Voyageurs” is an initiative of Lucy Grauman and brings together singers from different countries. “Voix des Vogayeurs” focuses on expressing the different cultures found in Brussels.  While the Museum of the City of Brussels takes you on a journey through the history of Brussels, the songs provide an expanding perspective that take you on a journey through the vibrant cultures of Brussels today.

EXTRA MUROS With Bruskwer, the giant board game, you will discover the Grand Place in a playful and active way. Using activity cards, the evolution of the Grand Place, its history and architecture are presented, as are the details on the facades, such as references to the trade guilds and the quirky names of the houses.