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The Black Sisters Museum – Basilica of Koekelberg


Modern Religious Art Museum – Basilica of Koekelberg

FeliXart & Eco Museum


Avenue Van Volxem 354
1190 Forest

STIB TRAM 82 - 97 / BUS 49 - 50

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EXPO You don’t see what you think you see -Jef Geys

EXPO Masses -Oscar Murillo

GUIDED TOUR Standing guides 

WORKSHOP Still standing KETS


If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.


A centre for contemporary art and located on the outskirts of the commune of Vorst, WIELS is a well-known name in Brussels and beyond. The doors of not one, but two temporary exhibitions will open for visitors to the Nocturnes!

EXPO Art critics commonly describe Jef Geys’ work as “unruly, and impossible to categorize in conventional art-historical categories.” Despite Geys’ subversive and critical attitude towards the art world, this ambitious survey exhibition shows that his work is not only deeply engaged and socially critical, but also funny and sensory.

EXPO The ocean, the sea, or any liquid mass has the capability to create and erase itself with each new wave that surfaces. The practice of Oscar Murillo (1986, La Paila, Colombia) relates in many ways to the oscillating force of water, an infinite flow of conception and undoing, pointing to his interest in the notion of cultural exchange and the circulation of ideas, languages and objects.

GUIDED TOUR Discover the two temporary exhibitions with explanations from passionate ‘standing guides’ who will point out their favourites.

WORKSHOP The WIELS KETS get creative each week in the KETS studio as they draw inspiration from the challenging exhibitions at WIELS! During the Nocturne, while strolling through the museum, they are happy to share their experiences and knowledge about the exhibitions with you!