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Pavilion of human Passions -Art & History Museum


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EXTRA-MUROS  Pavilion of human Passions (Horta Pavilion)

EXTRA-MUROS Triumphal Arch and colonnade of Cinquantenaire Park – rooftop tour (joint visit with the Royal Military Museum) – SOLD OUT 




If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.


Victor Horta and Jef Lambeaux are the respective authors of the classic tempietto with hints of Art Nouveau and the monumental white marble relief ‘The Human Passions’. The title, the sensually writhing nudes and the troubled, to say the least, relationship between the two artists helped create the story and the scandal surrounding this pavilion in the Cinquantenaire Park.

EXTRA MUROS During the Nocturnes, grab your chance to visit the Pavilion of human Passions, a unique room belonging to the Art & History Museum. Designed by the then young architect Victor Horta and featuring the beautiful marble relief by Jef Lambeaux, the Pavilion is exceptionally accessible to visitors.

CAUTION: The Pavilion does not offer free entry to visitors. To visit the Pavilion, you must purchase a Nocturnes ticket. For visitors enrolled in the Extra-Muros “Triumphal Arch and Colonnade of the Cinquantenaire Park”, entry to the Pavilion is included.

EXTRA MUROS Discover the architecture and some hidden treasures of the Cinquantenaire Park. The Royal Military Museum and the Art & History Museum jointly organise this Extra-Muros among neighbours, visiting a piece of Brussels’ skyline. Discover the magnificent mosaics of the hemisphere, climb to the top of the triumphal arch and admire the palaces and gardens of the Cinquantenaire Park from a new perspective. CAUTION: Reservations an start of the tour (on the page of) the Royal Military Museum