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ULB Museums in the Jean Massart Garden

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Museum of Natural Sciences

Erasmus House & the Beguinage of Anderlecht


Museum of Natural Sciences


M 1 - 2 - 5 - 6 / B 34 - 38 - 80 - 95

- expo/museum: 500 persons per hour
- behind the scenes: max. 12 persons
- extra-muros: max. 20 persons - start of the visit: museum checkroom
- workshop: max. 50 persons

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EXPO Luminopolis

INSTALLATION “Freighted”: 500 years of rhinoceros in collections and exhibitions

BEHIND THE SCENES Discover the research institute behind the Museum



EXTRA-MUROS Leopold Park’s beastly past


Tonight you won’t just meet dino’s at the Museum of Natural Sciences! In the exhibition Luminopolis, you will take up challenges in teams to explore the vast theme of “light” through play. For the curious amongst you, there will be the possibility of discovering what lies behind the closed doors of the research institute. And in case you think you’ve had it all, mysterious creatures will reveal themselves to you during your visit, unless you choose to go out into Leopold Park on the trail of its beasty history!

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INSTALLATION In this art installation, the endangered rhinoceros is unexpectedly presented in a wooden transport crate – a symbol of man’s thirst for recognition and power. Enter the crate yourself and experience this animal from a whole new perspective. 

→ Ongoing

BEHIND THE SCENES Want to know what’s behind the closed doors of the museum? On this tour, go behind the scenes of the Research Institute: workrooms, scientists’ offices, corridors, staircases… You will be shown everything! Don’t forget to admire the magnificent architecture of the buildings in the process. 

→ 17:15 (NL)/ 17:30 (FR) / 17:45 (NL) / 18:15 (FR)/ 18:30 (NL) /19:00 (FR) / 20:00 (NL) /20:30 (FR) / 20:45 (NL)/ 21:15 (FR)  – Limited places, come 15 min in advance. Max. 12 persons.

WORKSHOP Step into the shoes of a palaeontologist or geologist! Learn through observation and conduct hands-on experiments such as assembling a life-size stegosaurus skeleton, digging up authentic fossils, sorting mineral specimens…

→ 17:30 / 18:15 / 19:00 (FR-NL-EN) Limited places, come 15 min in advance. Max. 50 persons.

PERFORMANCE During the visit, you will meet the strangest creatures… Marvel at their Victorian-futuristic clothes and their curious “steam accessories”. Thanks to these unexpected guests, the evening promises to be steamy!


EXTRA-MUROS The Leopold Park that surrounds the Museum is the witness of a long history. But the best-kept secret is undoubtedly that in the 19th century it was home to the Brussels Zoo. The rich bourgeoisie came to marvel at animals they had previously only heard about in stories. At the end of the 19th century, however, the zoo had to close its doors. Join the guides on a journey into the bestial past of the Leopold Park!

→ 18:00 (NL) / 18:00 (EN) / 19:30 (FR) / 19:30 (EN) – Limited places, come 15 min in advance. Max. 20 persons.