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Maurice Carême Museum

Maurice Carême Museum

14 Avenue Nellie Melba
1070 Anderlecht

M 5 / T 81 / B 46 - 49 - 75 - 89

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EXPO Brabant, the poetic landscape of Maurice Carême

GUIDES Guided tour of the house (FR)

CONCERT An intimate concert in the poet’s house


The world of Maurice Carême is revealed through a visit to his “white house”. Through photographs, manuscripts and familiar objects, you will accompany the poet to his native land of Brabant, a real poetic territory, a place of inspiration and memories.

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GUIDES Guided tour of Maurice Carême’s house, in French

→ 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00 – Limited places, come 15 min in advance.

CONCERT A poetic escape through poems said and sung in the unique setting of the “maison blanche”. The musician Théo Mertens will perform, for the first time, his musical settings of Maurice Carême’s collection “Brabant”.

→ Ongoing