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La Monnaie

Géopolis – Center for Photojournalism

MEM – Museum of Erotics and Mythology

Wittockiana – Museum of Book Arts and Bookbinding

ARTE-FAC – Paul Moens medicinal plant garden

Jewish Museum of Belgium

Wittockiana – Museum of Book Arts and Bookbinding

Rue du Bemel 23
1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

M 1 / B 36 / T 39 - 44

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EXPO Design-A-Book

GUIDES Guided tours Design-A-Book & Art Nouveau collections


The book, such a common, yet precious object! Discover the latest research and practices in book design and binding techniques in the Design-A-Book exhibition. In the permanent collections, you can admire magnificent examples of old and contemporary art books, as well as exceptional Art Nouveau documents.

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Enter the world of books and bookbinding: guided tour of the temporary exhibition, discovery of precious books exceptionally taken out of storage and documents from the Art Nouveau collection. 

→ 17:00 (FR) / 17:45 (NL) / 18:30 (EN) / 19:15 (FR) / 20:00 (NL) / 20:45 (EN) – Limited places Please send an e-mail to with your name, the number of people you wish to register, the language of the activity and name of the activity.