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House of European History


M 1- 5 / B 22 - 27 - 34 - 38 - 64 - 80 - 95

- expo: 500 persons per hour
- activities: 20 persons per activity

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EXPO Throwaway, the history of a modern crisis

GUIDES Standing guides

BEHIND THE SCENES Behind the scenes of the exhibition Throwaway and the museum’s professions


At the House of European History, you will take a journey through the history of Europe and try to envisage its future. For example, through the exhibition Throwaway, which highlights the hidden history of waste in Europe. It shows the huge changes in the way we have dealt with our waste in the past, and how we think, or don’t think, about waste. By looking at this aspect of history, the project reinforces the relevance of current critiques and calls for change.

Extra info

GUIDES Ask your questions to the guides in the exhibition.

18:30 (FR), 18:30 (NL), 19:30 (FR), 19:30 (NL), 20:30 (EN) – limited places, reservation via this website

BEHIND THE SCENES Go behind the scenes of the Throwaway exhibition project and the museums work through a unique guided tour given by Christine Dupont (historian and curator at the House of European History) and Estela Vallejo (collection department at the House of European History).

19:00 (EN), 20:00 (FR) – limited places, reservation via this website

WORKSHOPS Let your imagination run wild in this textile recycling workshop. The dressmakers of the non-profit organisation Les Cadavres Exquis will guide you in your creations. Bring your own clothes you want to repair, update or decorate!

Ongoing from 18:00 to 22:00 – in the Fables room. Max. 20 persons at the same time.