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Museum Night Fever 2018 @ BELvue museum 03/03/2018


7 Place des Palais

M 1, 5 / T 92,93 / B 27,38,71,95 / VOI Scooters - promo code : NOCTURNES (extra info FAQ)

Accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


EXPOPermanent exhibition

GUIDE – Thematic guided tour of the permanent exhibition on Belgium and its history “Men and women: the challenge of equality”

EXTRA-MUROSBrussels of the Witches: a feminist guided walk (in collaboration with Architecture qui dégenre)

Fries, beers, chocolates… The BELvue Museum goes much further to describe Belgium! Democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, languages, Europe: these themes will no longer hold any secrets from you!

On the occasion of this Nocturne, the Museum proposes a rereading of its permanent exhibition under the prism of “men and women: the challenge of equality”. This guided tour, given by historians specializing in the history of women and gender, looks back at the slow evolution that has shaped today’s society. By emphasizing the motivations for change, it also breaks down many preconceived ideas about women’s living conditions in the past.

EXTRA-MUROS: With the feminist guided walk “The Brussels of the Witches” by guide Chiara Tomalino (L’architecture qui dégenre), you can explore the urban public space in search of the traces of witches, from the 14th century to the present day. How were women’s skills and knowledge transformed into acts of witchcraft? How did the living conditions of free women change? Which female figures reveal other possible worlds? Literally and figuratively eye-opening!

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