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Porte de Hal, Boulevard du Midi 150, 1000 Bruxelles

STIB : M 2, 6 / B 48 / T 3, 4, 51
DE LIJN : B 134, 136, 137, 365
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Accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


EXPO – Magical Theaters

BEHIND THE SCENES – Zolder BAR grenier (Attic bar)

GUIDE – Storytelling sessions: Lohengrin on the scene   

ATELIER (workshops) – open ATELIER ouvert (17:30-21:30)

DRINKS – Conceptbar under the most beautiful roof of Brussels and surroundings!


The 600-year-old Halle Gate is one of the most remarkable witnesses to Brussels’ medieval past. For its Nocturne, the venue invites you to discover the “Magical Theaters” exhibition dedicated to the magical world of paper theaters. From Shakespeare to fairy tales and mythology, these prototypes of the greatest plays and operas will be the theater of master storytellers this evening. Let yourself be taken away!


Do you want to create the future Puss in Boots, Aladdin or Sleeping Beauty? Join the Museum’s open workshop, on your own or with your family. Thirsty? The zolder BAR grenier offers you a unique experience under one of the most incredible roofs in Brussels.

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