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La Monnaie

Géopolis – Center for Photojournalism

MEM – Museum of Erotics and Mythology

Wittockiana – Museum of Book Arts and Bookbinding

ARTE-FAC – Paul Moens medicinal plant garden

Jewish Museum of Belgium

Géopolis – Center for Photojournalism

Rue des Tanneurs 58
1000 Bruxelles

B 48 - 52

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EXPO 1979-2023, Iran in revolutions

GUIDES Projection of archive footage

PERFORMANCE Poetry reading

CONCERT Floèmee (Nazanin Yalda en Alex Recio)

The centre for photojournalism highlights yesterday’s and today’s Iran through the work of five photographers: Marie Tihon, Alain Keler, Michel Setboun and Reza Deghati. The exhibition looks back at the Iran of the past 50 years and focuses on the current uprising. Projected archive images with commentary, a poetry reading and a concert will let you immerse yourself in this fascinating country in the midst of change this evening.

GUIDES Screening of archival footage with commentary on the history of Iran from 1979 to the present day, with Sonuma. the Iranian-born poet Maryam Kamyab will talk about the current uprising in Iran, evoking its ups and downs through her work as an activist on the ground.  Hosted by Thierry Piel and Ulrich huygevelde.

→ 19:30 

PERFORMANCE Poetry reading with Iranian poet Maryam Kamyab.

→ 20:00

CONCERT Floèmee explores traditional Iranian music and poetry as electronic sounds, images and voice.

→ 20:30

Access is free or with voluntary participation.