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La Maison des Arts

Belgian Museum of Radiology

Beer Museum of Schaerbeek

Spontaneous Art Museum

Maison Autrique

Belgian Museum of Radiology

Hôpital militaire rue Bruyn 200
1000 Brussels

STIB BUS 57 - 47 - 53 - 58

Free museum

EXPO History and development of radiology

EXPO Exhibition of Karen Vleeschhouwer

GUIDED TOUR In the dark! 


If you have questions about building accessibility and/or activities, please contact the museum directly.


EXPO The Belgian Museum of Radiology offers its visitors a journey through time and the history of Radiology through various reconstructions of radiological offices from the First World War to the present day.

EXPO “I see… I see… Idiosyncratic assemblages that are realized in my own unreal world. A world without predictability, where I do not have to take others into account and where I can retreat in complete safety.” Discover the idiosyncratic work of Karen de Vleeschhouwer.

GUIDED TOUR The museum offers guided tours followed by free movement of visitors in the dark, only by the light of candles and flashlights.

limited capacity – please book your visit via this link