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Autrique House

La Fonderie – Brussels Museum of Industry and Work

MIMA – The Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art

Sewer Museum

Maurice Carême Museum

Autrique House

266 Chaussée de Haecht
1030 Schaerbeek

T 25 - 62 - 92 / B 59 - 65 - 66

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EXPO Privat Livemont,  flowers on display ! 

GUIDES Nocturnal and Musical Journey in the Art Nouveau of Privat Livemont

CONCERT Music Academy of Schaerbeek 


A nocturnal dive to explore two facets of Art Nouveau: architecture on the one hand, through a visit to the Maison Autrique, Victor Horta’s first landmark building; advertising art on the other, through an exhibition of posters by the Brussels master Privat Livemont. 

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GUIDES Discover the Maison Autrique and the new exhibition Privat Livemont, flowers on display! with an enthusiastic guide.

→ 18:00 & 19:00 (FR) / 20:45 (NL & EN) – SOLD OUT 

 réservations :

CONCERT Concerts by the Schaerbeek Music Academy 

  • Sonia Vermeulen, 3rd movement of the 3rd violin concerto by W.A. Mozart

  • Catherine Vandenbemden, Mélodie by Debussy

  • Lucinda Pearson, Suite for viola opus 131d, 4th movement, M. Reger and Cavatine for viola opus 85 n° 3, J. Raff

  • Laure Bellessa and Alexandre Papazoglakis, Piece for Viola

→ start at 20:00

BAR Throughout the evening, the Barboteur bar will be there to serve you in an intimate and friendly atmosphere