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Horta Museum

Horta Museum

1060 Saint-GILLES

T 81 - 92 - 97 / B 54

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EXPO Victor Horta versus Art Nouveau – Horta’s vocabulary – SOLD OUT

GUIDES Guided tour of the exhibition Victor Horta versus Art Nouveau – Horta’s vocabulary – SOLD OUT 

In the house of the famous architect, we discover the character and of course the characteristics of the Art Nouveau style. But the exhibition Victor Horta versus Art Nouveau shows Horta in a different light. It attempts to take a look at the architect without preconceived ideas, to see what he tells us (and what he hides from us): the role of his wife and his mentors, his inspiration turned towards Egypt, Greece, the 17th century or his admiration for the Garnier opera and the Palais de Justice in Brussels. 

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GUIDES Is Horta an eclectic architect? Visit the Victor Horta versus Art Nouveau exhibition with a guide, and you will certainly get the answer to this question!

18:00 (FR) / 18:30 (FR) / 19:00 (EN) 19:30 (NL) / 20:00 (EN) 20:30 (FR) / 21:00 (FR) – All the guided tours are sold out.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your visit. Don’t forget to bring your ticket.

Visiting the Horta Museum is only possible during guided tours. Unaccompanied visit is not allowed.