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The Black Sisters Museum – Basilique de Koekelberg

Design Museum Brussels

Planetarium of Brussels

Belgian Chocolate Village

Belgian Chocolate Village


M 2 - 6 / T 9 - 19 / B 13 - 14 - 20 - 87

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GUIDES Standing guides

EXTRA-MUROS Walk in Brusseleir (Belgian Chocolate Village >Basilica of Koekelberg)

Experience chocolate in the incredible setting of the former Art Deco Victoria Biscuit Factory: discover the chocolate history of Koekelberg, the importance of Ecuador in the origin of cocoa or the countless possibilities of art through chocolate. You can also preview the new temporary exhibition, which will only be officially opened on Friday 5 May 2023! Surprise!

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GUIDE Ask your questions to the guides and animators present in the museum.

→ Ongoing

EXTRA-MUROS The chocolate and industrial past and present of the town, its large Elisabeth Park lined with beautiful Art Nouveau houses in particular, which lead you to its Basilica with its unique and exceptional architecture, are some of the elements to be discovered during this walk.

→ 18:00 departure Belgian Chocolate Village > Basilica – Limited places, come 15 min in advance (duration 1h)

Attention: only a visit to the museum of departure is included in the Extra-Muros activity. If you wish to visit the Belgian Chocolate Village (museum of departure), make sure to allow enough time before the start of the Extra-Muros activity. If you wish to visit the Basilica of Koekelberg (museum of arrival), you will be required to buy a new ticket.