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Alexandra Bertels



T 32,82,97 / B 49 / VOI Scooters - promo code : NOCTURNES (extra info FAQ)

Exhibition access (standard visit) included with the activities

Accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


EXPOHusbandry– Kasper Bosmans/Tête-à-tête-Huguette Caland/Another Dull Day-Lucy Raven

GUIDEKets tour (standing guides)

ATELIER (workshop) – WIELS kets

EXTRA-MUROS – Hors les muren! (in collaboration with BRASS)

Three exhibitions tonight at WIELS! Fascinated by stories, Belgian artist Kasper Bosmans humorously deconstructs them to reconstruct them in new forms, whether they be colorful murals, installations, sculptures or legend paintings (painted wooden panels with a traditional aesthetic). Husbandry offers creations made of various materials and references, with queer culture as a common thread. At the same time, Tête-à-Tête celebrates the exuberant vision of Huguette Caland and her artistic approach to the sexual liberation wave of the 1960s. Finally, Lucy Raven’s work invites you to discover the landscape of the western United States in a new light in Another Dull Day. 

Want to see the other side of the picture? Expert guides are on hand in the galleries. And that’s not all: the WIELS KETS, children (aged 7 to 12) are also eager to guide you around the exhibitions and share their discoveries. Let them take you into their workshops making utensils à la Bosmans, embroidery à la Caland or optical games à la Raven! 

EXTRA-MUROS: In the context of Hors les muren! discover the marshland that connects WIELS and BRASS and the colorful historical characters that haunt the site of the former Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery (visit to the exhibitions included).

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