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ULB Museums in the Jean Massart Garden

Chaussée de Wavre 1850
1160 Auderghem

STIB : M 5 / B 41, 72 / T 8
TEC : 543
DE LIJN : 341, 343, 344, 345, 348, 349
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Accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


EXPO The Jean Massart Botanical Garden. One hundred years of history

BEHIND THE SCENES In the Shoes of a Student!

GUIDE 1General discovery of the Jean Massart Botanical Garden

GUIDE 2 (Re)Discover the Evolution Garden

ATELIER (workshops) – From Evolution to Diversity (continuous)

The Jean Massart Botanical Garden of ULB is celebrating its centenary this year. Home to nearly 2000 species of plants, it is divided into thematic collections: there are medicinal plants, an arboretum, an orchard and the star of this evening, the Garden of the Evolution of Flowering Plants. 

Tonight, follow the first guided tour that will allow you to discover the plant world and to learn more about the role and missions of a botanical garden. Or, explore the Garden of Evolution that details the latest classification of flowering plants in a gentle botanical immersion.

A behind-the-scenes tour also takes you to the ULB student demonstration room (Biology, Bioengineering, Pharmacy…) with restored old botanical models. 

To top it off, as this is a special anniversary, the entire ULB Museums Network is getting together for you around various workshops around evolution and diversity: chemistry and physics, evolution of the living world, lighting, computing or microscopic techniques. All these themes will come to life against the backdrop of a musical performance. 

As a bonus, an exhibition designed by CIVA follows the very rich history of the Jean Massart Botanical Garden in Auderghem, since its creation in 1921.

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