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©Maison Cauchie

©Maison Cauchie

Maison Cauchie © - Jean-Paul Remy - 2017



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Cauchie House


M 1 - 5 / T 81 / B 27 - 61 - 80

This museum is only accessible with a reservation.
No autonomous visits allowed.

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GUIDES Guided tour of the Cauchie House – SOLD OUT

WORKSHOPS In the studio with Anne and Suzanne

EXTRA-MUROS Itinerary of Art Nouveau sgraffiti around the Cauchie House – SOLD OUT

Enter this jewel of Brussels Art Nouveau! The house is the personal residence and studio of the artist-decorator couple Paul Cauchie and Caroline Voet. It was designed as a manifesto of their skills, with an impressive “poster façade”. Admire not only the facade with its exceptional sgraffiti, but also the meticulous interior with its many decorations.

Due to a limited capacity, the Cauchie House is open only to visitors who take part in the activities below (guided tours, workshops or extra-muros).

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GUIDES The Cauchie team will show you the history and characteristics of the building. Exceptionally, the doors of the Cauchie workshop, located on the second floor and rarely accessible to the public, will be open as well.

→ 19:00 (EN) / 20:00 (NL) / 21:00 (FR) – This activity is sold out, but you can register on the waiting list through this link.

WORKSHOPS While adults enjoy a guided tour of the house, children are invited to the second floor to the Cauchie couple’s workshop to carry out several activities related to Japanese art (origami, discovery of the No mask), techniques used in restoration (stencilling, transferring and scratching of motifs), colour work (colouring…) . Adults will finish their visit in this workshop rarely open to the public to appreciate the couple’s paintings and the result of the younger people’s workshop. 

→ 17:00 (FR) / 18:15 (FR) – There are a few places left. Register by sending an email to

EXTRA-MUROS In Brussels, between 1900 and the First World War, hundreds of facades were decorated with sgraffiti. The one on the Cauchie House was designed as a gigantic advertising poster for the work of the couple Paul and Lina Cauchie. Their goal is to attract customers who want to decorate their newly built homes. Discover many other examples of Paul Cauchie’s work around the building and learn to recognize his characteristic style.  

→ 19:00 (FR) / 20:00 (EN) – This activity is sold out, but you can register on the waiting list through this link.