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1000 Brussels

M 2,6 / T 92,8 / B 27, 48, 95 / VOI Scooters - promo code : NOCTURNES (extra info FAQ)

Not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


EXPO – Sol LeWitt – Wall Drawings, Works on Paper, Structures (1968-2002)

GUIDE – Standing guides

EXTRA-MUROS – Tour: Jews in the City


Through a unique selection of wall drawings, works on paper, gouaches, structures and archives dating from the 1960s to the 2000s, the exhibition “Sol LeWitt – Wall Drawings, Works on Paper, Structures (1968-2022)” highlights the diversity and unity of the work of the conceptual artist Sol LeWitt. It presents a double ‘premiere’: an exploration of his Jewish heritage and an investigation of his links with Belgium.

This evening, several guides will be on hand in the exhibition to answer your questions!

EXTRA-MUROS: Refugee guides offer you a walk through the Marolles in search of Jewish migration from the beginning of the 20th century until the post-war period. Through their eyes, the history of Europe and its migrations condensed in an area of Brussels comes to life (visit of the exhibition not included)!

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