Due to the number of tickets already sold and limited capacity in some museums, we are stopping the online sale of Nocturnes tickets.

More visitors than we had expected have participated in the Nocturnes so far. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm!

This has led to some problems in terms of capacity in some museums, and therefore some inconvenience for Nocturnes visitors on the last Thursdays. We apologise to all those who were unable to access the museum of their choice.

There are still two Thursday evenings left, and we would like to ensure that visitors who have planned their visit on 11 or 18 May and have already bought their ticket online can access the museums under pleasant conditions.

For this reason, we have decided to stop selling tickets online.

The sale of Nocturnes tickets will continue to be possible in the evening in the participating museums.

We are currently contacting each museum to find out as accurately as possible about their capacity and the status of reservations. We will post this information on each museum’s page, so that you can plan your evening as well as possible.