25 reasons to get out of the house during the nocturnes in may

An evening in one of Brussels’ museums? If that’s not a given! Every Thursday evening, from 5 to 10 pm, discover various exhibitions. Add to that a look behind the scenes or a fun workshop, and you’re sure to make unforgettable memories.


Brussels Crossbowmen’s Museum – 600 years of the Nine Nations’ takeover of Brussels

© Hidden Raven

The military guilds of Brussels came into being in 1421 after a long struggle for power. Exactly 600 years later, what better place than the crossbowmen’s guild, once the defenders of the city, to discover these historical developments?

BELvue Museum x experience.brussels

Belgium and its capital: it’s more than just beer, chips and chocolate. The BELvue Museum and experience.brussels have known this for a long time, and soon you will too!

For this occasion, the two museums are joining forces: a game-tour will reveal some of Brussels’ best-kept secrets in bubbles.

Coudenberg Palace

© Jasmine Van Hevel

The last remains of Charles V’s Coudenberg Palace are now located underground. Descend into the depths of history, get lost in a maze of corridors and rooms, and let yourself be drawn into a mysterious story… that of a cat!

KBR Museum

In and around the Nassau Chapel, a precious part of the heritage of the Dukes of Burgundy, a collection of manuscripts has recently been inaugurated which is astonishingly rich in miniatures illustrating life in the Middle Ages! This evening, take your ink pen and try your hand at the art of calligraphy.

Museum of the National Bank of Belgium

What means of payment have been used throughout history? And what exactly is a national bank? These are some of the questions you’ll find answers to here. Want to make it more exciting? Crack the code and enter the vault of the National Bank!

Belgian Comic Strip Centre – Midam: The career of a Brussels Kid / Juanjo Guarnido: The secrets of a maestro’s workshop / United Comics of Belgium

© Thomas Preuvot

In the heart of Brussels, the capital of comics, the Belgian Comic Strip Centre presents three exhibitions under one roof. Midam: the career of the spiritual father of Kid Paddle. Juanjo Guarnido: a glimpse into the world of the Spanish cartoonist, known for his expressive watercolours and the Blacksad series. United Comics of Belgium: an illustration of the contemporary Belgian comics scene.

Marc Sleen Museum – The city speaks

A city is a mixture of buildings, streets and alleys, squares. But a city is also alive, it speaks. Take a journey through twelve cities, portrayed through the eyes of as many authors!



Maurice Carême Museum

© Hidden Raven

Get to know the work, archives and library of Maurice Carême in an intimate way. As his poems echo through the garden, the spirit of Carême is more tangible than ever.

Erasmus House

© Manon Henry

An evening in the medicinal and philosophical gardens of this gothic house. Between plants, flowers and the spirit of the humanist, we will discuss subjects that will not leave you indifferent.

National Resistance Museum x COOP Museum – The canal, another history of Brussels

The Museum of Resistance is temporarily closed. Don’t worry: it will still tell the story of the Resistance in collaboration with the COOP Museum. The focus will be on the history of social and democratic protest in the canal districts – we are on the waterfront after all!

Fondation A Stichting –  Latin America in Tatters

©Sarah Duby

This photographic exhibition sketches a picture of Latin America, between revolution and oppression, but above all torn by violence.

WIELS – Jacqueline de Jong: The Ultimate Kiss

Jacqueline de Jong – The Ultimate Kiss, 2002 2012. Courtesy: the artist and Château Shatto Los Angeles

Themes such as humour, eroticism, violence, and political commitment are at the heart of this exhibition, which focuses on the Dutch artist Jacqueline de Jong. The artist’s logic takes you into her experimental figurative work.

Museum of Medicine – Covid-19, the new black plague?

© Dieter Telemans

There’s no denying it: the Covid-19 pandemic has had the world in its grip for over a year. The Museum of Medicine takes a closer look at how and why viruses and vaccines work. Become a virologist and learn about the pandemic in a new way.



Museum of Natural Sciences

© Andrea Anoni

From dinosaurs to humans and the living planet: follow in Darwin’s footsteps and dive into the evolution of the organisms that inhabit our planet!

Wiertz Museum

© Hidden Raven

The former studio of the romantic painter-sculptor-thinker Antoine Wiertz still houses his work. An authentic experience that brings you into direct contact with the artist’s grandiose and tormented ideas!

House of European History – Fake for Real

© House of European History

Fake news, something new? Not at all! Imitation, deception and reality or truth are concepts that have been at odds with each other since antiquity, and in various ways.

Children’s Museum – Wings to grow on

© Musée des Enfants / Kindermuseum

A fairy world in six parts, where children up to the age of twelve can learn about themselves, others and the world in a playful way.

Fondation CAB – Structures of Radical Will


This foundation for minimalist and conceptual art, located in an Art Deco warehouse, goes back to its roots and questions one of the founding principles of the minimalist art movement: physicality. An exhibition about the relationship between the artwork, the space and the viewer.



Cauchie House

© visit.brussels – Jean-Paul Remy – 2017

An Art Nouveau jewel by Paul Cauchie, dedicated to the architect-decorator and his wife. Brussels’ heritage at its best.


© Andrea Anoni

A museum, 1300 faience mantel clocks from the inter-war period. You might as well say that the clock ticks here like nowhere else!

Art & History Museum

© Andrea Anoni

Travel around the world from the Cinquantenaire Park with a focus on non-European arts and cultures. After studying the pre-Columbian art of the Americas, China and South-East Asia, you will feel like you are somewhere else!

And then…

War Heritage Institute – Royal Museum of Army and Military History

© VdW Luc

… your journey continues via the Arc de Triomphe to the War Heritage Institute, which highlights Belgium’s military past through uniforms and equipment. Here too, the Nocturnes draw attention to the foreign collections.

AfricaMuseum – Mabele eleki lola ! The earth, brighter than heaven

© AfricaMuseum

Congolese blacksmith and artist Freddy Tsimba meets the AfricaMuseum collection. A description of the suffering under war and violence, but above all a tribute to the resilience of the Congolese people. Tsimba pays homage to life and the here and now.

Boghossian Foundation (Villa Empain) – Icons

© Andrea Anoni

Since their creation, religious icons have been a source of inspiration for artists and believers. An exhibition on the icon as a muse with a spiritual dimension.

Museum of Urban Transport in Brussels

© Andrea Anoni

Public transport is the future. But public transport also has a rich past. Discover which vehicles have been on the streets of Brussels since 1869. And tonight you will travel in style: in a historic tram or bus!

The Nocturnes continue in May AND in June! Check out our full program.